Change Time Zone on Azure Web App

In this blog post, I will show you how to check the time zone of an Azure Web App.

Azure Web Apps is a hosting service that is fully managed by Azure.

Web App

By default, Microsoft configures any Web App with UTC time zone regardless of the region.

In my case, I have a .NET application and below you can see the time zone configuration.

To check the current configuration, from the Web App menu, I will click on the Console and the following cmdlet.


Change Time Zone

To check the time zone, I will click on configuration under the settings menu.

From the configuration page, I will click on New application settings.

I will add the following entry with the time zone that I need as shown below.

AUS Eastern Standard Time

To apply the settings, I will click on save and confirm that the app will be restarted.

After I restarted the app, the time zone is now correct.