Upload a Custom App to Microsoft Teams

In this blog post, I will show you how to upload a custom app to Microsoft Teams.

Custom apps in Microsoft Teams are apps that were developed by an organization.

The app can be a bot, custom tab, etc.

In my case, I have an app that I developed with App Studio, and I have exported to a .zip file.

Export App

The first that I will take is to export my app from App Studio.

I will do it using the Test and distribute option in the Finish section of my app.

From the Test and Distribute page, I will click on Download.

My app zip file is below.

Upload App

To upload the app, I will log in to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center using the following link,

From the Admin center, I will click on Manage apps under Teams app and click on Upload new app.


Using the upload menu, I will select the.Zip file I downloaded before.

After I uploaded the app, I will see it under apps.

To delete it, I can use the delete button from the app page.