Disable Copy Paste in Microsoft Virtual Desktop

In this blog post, I will show you how to disable printing in Microsoft Virtual Desktop.

By default, users can copy-paste inside and outside the MVD environment.

In some cases, companies don’t like this to happen, and this post will show you how to disable it.


Microsoft Virtual Desktop is a hosted desktop as a service solution from Azure.

Disable Printing

To disable printing run the commands below.

Note: You will need to install the MVD PowerShell module and change the values in caps to match your environment.

Connect to MVD using PowerShell

The cmdlet below will connect me to MVD.

Add-RdsAccount -DeploymentUrl "https://rdbroker.wvd.microsoft.com"

The command below will disable printing.

Set-RdsHostPool -TenantName TENANTNAME -HostPoolName TYPEHOSTPOOLNAME -CustomRdpProperty redirectprinters:i:0

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