Upgrade Machines to Windows 10 Edition Using Microsoft Intune

In this blog post, I will show you how to upgrade Windows 10 machines that are on Professional Edition to Enterprise Edition using Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Intune configuration policies for Windows machines allow us to upgrade Windows 10 machines that are on the Professional edition to Enterprise or Education edition.

This feature is very handy if you are on a Microsoft E5 license, which gives you Windows 10 Enterprise edition licenses, and using Intune, you can upgrade all your devices/

Get Started

To create the policy, click on Devices -> Windows from the Intune console and create a Configuration policy.

Name the policy and Select Windows 10 as the Platform.

From the profile type, select Edition Upgrade and Mode Switch.

Click on Settings and select Edition Upgrade.

From the Edition Upgrade option, select Windows 10 Enterprise and enter a license key (For E5 licenses, type any key, and when the user logs on, it will be activated using the Office 365 licensing service).


The blog post demonstrates how to utilize Microsoft Intune to upgrade Windows 10 machines from the Professional Edition to Enterprise Edition efficiently.

By configuring Intune’s policies for Windows machines, users can seamlessly transition to Enterprise or Education editions, particularly beneficial for those with Microsoft E5 licenses, which include Windows 10 Enterprise edition licenses.

The process involves creating a configuration policy in Intune’s console under Devices -> Windows, specifying Windows 10 as the platform, and selecting Edition Upgrade and Mode Switch as the profile type.

Within the settings, users can choose Windows 10 Enterprise for the edition upgrade and input a license key, leveraging the Office 365 licensing service for activation when users log in.

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