Tar and Curl Come To Windows Nano Server Insider Image

Ever Since Microsoft released the new Windows Nano Server 1709 Container Image downloading and extracting files without PowerShell has been challenging.

Recently, The Microsoft Virtualization announced that two command-line tools will be added to Windows 10 and Windows Nano Server.

The tools are:

Tar.exe – Allows us to extract files and create archives without PowerShell which means you can use it from the command -line.

Curl .exe– allows us to download files from Internet sources and Servers located on our network.


In the line below, I’m using curl.exe to download a zip file from the Internet

curl.exe -o node.zip https://nodejs.org/dist/v9.2.0/node-v9.2.0-win-x64.zip


In the line below, I’m using tar.exe to extract the downloaded file.

tar.exe -xf node.zip

To create an archive file I’ll use the command below:

tar.exe -cf Test.zip Test


In the DockerFile example below, I’ll use a Windows Nano Server without PowerShell and download a .Zip file from the Internet and extract it.

FROM microsoft/nanoserver-insider:latest

RUN curl.exe -o node.zip https://nodejs.org/dist/v9.2.0/node-v9.2.0-win-x64.zip

RUN Tar.exe -xf node.zip -C:\install


It looks like Microsoft are making windows Nano Server more friendly to developers and Administrators by making simple tools working easily.