How to Update Docker PowerShell Module on Windows Server 2016

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to update the Docker PowerShell module on Windows Server 2016 Container Host.

As you know, The original Docker PowerShell Module was released under the name DockerMsfTProvider which was released as a Microsoft Provided Module.

A few months ago, Docker released a new PowerShell module to replace the original MSFT module.

Uninstall Module

The new module will ensure you get the latest Docker patches however In order to Install we need to uninstall the MSFT module.

Uninstall DockerMSFTProvider Module

The first step in the update process Is to uninstall the original module using the cmdlet below

Before I uninstall the module, I’ll run the cmdlet below to verify the module version

Get-package docker

Now, I’ll run the cmdlet below to uninstall the module

Uninstall-Module DockerMsftProvider -Force

Before installing the new module, I’ll restart the docker service

Restart-service docker
Install-Module DockerProvider -Force

Now, I’ll install the latest Docker engine version

Install-Package -Name docker -ProviderName DockerProvider -Update -Force

And the last step will restart the docker service

Restart-service docker

And If I run the cmdlet below again, I’ll see that the new module Is Installed and working

Get-Package docker