Microsoft Container Registry To replace Docker Hub for new images

With the GA release of Windows Server 2019 last week (October 2nd), Microsoft also announced that the new Microsoft Container Registry (MCR) will replace Docker Hub for new images.

The new registry, Microsoft Container Registry (MCR) will host all the new Windows Server 2019 Container images, however, pre Windows Server 2019 images will continue to be hosted on Docker Hub.

Pull images from MCR

Below you can see how I pull the latest Windows Server Core Insider image from MCR using the command below

docker pull

How to search for new Images

If you need to search for new Windows Server images you can still use Docker Hub however you will notice that the pull command has changed to reflect the registry change


New Container images will be published to MCR and all existing Containers images will exist on Docker Hub, the main change will be in the pull command as I showed in the example above.