Windows Server 2019 Container Image Available for Download

After the release of Windows Server 2019 on 2nd of October, Microsoft pushed the release a week later because of complaints of data loss.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they are continuing with the release and confirmed that there is no risk of data loss.

As a result of the pushed, The Windows Server 2019, Server Core container image was not available until today.


Below, I will show you how to download the latest Windows Server 2019, Server Core Container image.

The Image size is 1.5 GB compared to 6GB when it was first released on Windows Server 2016.

To download the image, I am using the command below.

docker pull

Nano Server

To download the Windows Server 2019, Nano Server Container image I will use the command below.

The Nano Server image size is 98 MB.

docker pull

If I run docker images, I will see that the new Windows Server 2019 image tag is 1809.