How To Change Docker For Windows Version (Edge To Stable)

In this blog post, I’ll show you how I change Docker For Windows Client from Edge to Stable on my Windows 10 machine.

The Docker For Windows Clients offers many features and also the ability to switch between Edge Channel and Stable and Stable to Edge Channel.

Currently, Docker For Windows comes In two version:

  • Stable – Released once every quarter and offers a reliable platform to work with.
  • Edge – Released once per month and offers the latest and greatest features Including experimental releases and bug fixes.

To change from Docker Stable to Edge or from Edge to Stable we use the Docker Settings page and follow the prompts.

Get started

Right Click on the Docker for Windows Icon In the Systems Tray and select Settings

In the General Menu, Click on another version

In the docker for windows, version page pick the version you want to change using the picker

Click Install

Click Yes

At this stage, the Docker client will download the selected version

Once download the Installation process will start

At the end of the process, restart the computer and you’re done.