Connect to an AWS EC2 Windows Server using RDP

In this blog, post I will show you how to connect to a Windows Server AWS EC2 instance using remote desktop.

Because AWS is using a security key to encrypt and decrypt the Administrator password we need to decrypt the admin password we used during the instance setup process.

After the EC2 instance is ready, to connect (please note that you need to wait 15 minutes before trying to connect to a new instance).

Connect to an EC2 instance

To connect to an EC2 instance, I will follow the steps below:

Select my instance from the EC2 console

Click on the Actions menu

Select “Connect To Your Instance”

From the connect menu, I will note the Public DNS address which I will use to connect to the instance or I can download the RDP connections file.

Click on Get Password to decrypt the password.

Paste the decrypted key pair from to the text box and click on “Decrypt Password.”

Once the password, is decrypted you can copy it from the Password.

Before I connect to the instance, I will check the RDP is allowed to the Security Group.

Moreover, finally, I will connect to the instance using the RDP client.