Update AWS CLI On Windows Server or Windows 10 using Python pip

In my last article, I have shown you how to install AWS CLI on a Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10, and today I will show you how to update AWS CLI.

AWS CLI is an open source project that gets updated every few days. In the last five days, there have been three updates.

You can track the update releases on the Aws CLI Github project website.

Check AWS CLI Version Before the Update

Before I show you how to update AWS CLI, the first step in the process is to check the current version.

Using the command below, I check the currently installed version on my machine and as you can see I am running version .179.

aws --version

To install the latest AWS CLI, I use the following command which will use pip to find the latest version and install it.

pip install --upgrade awscli

Pip will download and install the packages, and as you can see at the bottom of the screen, it says that the installation was completed successfully.

To confirm that version was installed, I will recheck the version using the below command.

aws --version