Get Started With PowerShell 7 Preview 1

In this blog post, I will show you how to get started with PowerShell 7, the next big release of the scripting and automation tool from Microsoft.

Ever since PowerShell want open source with PowerShell Core, the adoption rate on Windows machines has stalled.

The reason behind it was because many PowerShell cmdlets didn’t work on PowerShell Core and caused many organisations to keep using PowerShell 5.1

To revert the trend and help Windows-based organisations use PowerShell Core, Microsoft decided to port all PowerShell cmdlet to PowerShell and deliver them with PowerShell 7.

Once released as GA, all PowerShell 5.1 will work on PowerShell 7.

Get Started

To get started and use Preview 1 version, head to the Github link below and download PowerShell 7.

In my case, I am downloading PowerShell 7 for Windows.

To install PowerShell 7, I start the installation process and follow the steps below.

Once installed, I can run the cmdlet below and review all the available cmdlet in PowerShell 7.