How to Disjoin \ Disconnect Windows 10 Machine from Intune

In this blog post, I will show you how I disJoin a Windows 10 machine from Microsoft Intune, Azure AD joined and disconnect it from the tenant.

Once the machine has been disconnected from Intune and Azure AD I will login with a local username and password.

Before I start the process, I have reset the local admin password and checked that I can log in to the machine locally.

Get Started

To get started and disjoin my Window 10 machine from Microsoft Intune and Azure AD, I will click on Start -> Settings -> Access work or school.

I will expand the Connected to screen that shows the Azure AD tenant details and Info and click on Disconnect.

In the are you sure screen, I will click yes.

In the second warning, I will click on Disconnect.

If you are using BitLocker, make sure you have a copy if the Bitlocker recovery key saved on a USB drive.

Next, I will enter the username and password of my local administrator account.

Without a valid local account, you won’t be able to disjoin.

One entered the local admin account all I will need to do is restart the computer and I am done.