Install the latest Docker Enterprise Edition on Windows Server 2019

In this blog post, I will show you how to install the latest Docker Engine Enterprise Edition version for Windows Server on Windows Server 2019.

Default Version

By default, the installed version on Windows Server 2019 is Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 17.6 because it is the only version that supports Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP).

If you are not using UCP, you can update the Docker engine on your Server to the latest version which is currently on version 18.03.

Get started

To get started and update my windows Server 2019 17.06 Docker Engine version, I will check the current version by typing the cmdlet below.

docker version

Check latest release

To install the latest Docker EE release, I will browse to the URL below and check the current version.

The current version is 18.03.1–ee-4

Install latest version

To install the latest version, I will copy the version number and append it to the cmdlet below as shown.

Install-Package -Name docker -ProviderName DockerMSFTProvider -RequiredVersion 18.03.1-ee-4 -force

Once done, I will restart the docker version

 Restart-Service docker

After restart, I will check my docker version again, and as shown below, it is running Docker EE 18.03.

Docker version


It is highly recommended to run the latest Docker EE release which offer the latest feature set and security updates.

For new installation please check the following article