Find and Delete Unused Virtual Disks in Microsoft Azure

Today, I will show you how to find and deleted unused Virtual Machine disks and optimize your Azure tenant billing and control costs.

Virtual Disk

One of the issues of Azure Virtual Machine disks is that, once you delete the virtual machine the disk is not being deleted automatically which means that you keep paying for the disk.

Get started

To get started and find unused and deleted disks on my Microsoft Azure subscription I will click on Storage Accounts

From the storage account services, I will click on Blobs which holds all the Virtual Hard Disk in the storage account.

If you have multiple storage accounts you will need to check each one.

And click on vhds

In the disks, page I will see all my Virtual Disks.

Unused and deleted VM disks will have Available under LEASE STATE

In my case I have two unused disk that I can go ahead and delete from my subscription. 

After clicking delete I will confirm that action

I also have the option to use Azure Storage Explorer to delete disk.


Optimising your Azure account for unused disks is a quick win that can save you money but also keep your subscription clean from unused resources which will make management easier.