View Conditional Access Events in Azure Active Directory

Today, Microsoft Azure Active Directory announced the release of a new reporting feature in Azure AD for Conditional Access.

The new feature called Conditional Access information allows you to view Conditional access events and see if conditional access policies were applied to users.

With this new feature, it is super easy to troubleshoot conditional access policies, monitor usage and get a better understanding of your access strategy.

Before you start, visit my previous article about creating a Conditional Access policy which I will be using in this post and demonstrate the new feature in action.

Get Started

To access the new report feature, I will log in to the Azure portal -> Azure Active Directory

At the same time, I will log in with a user that has a Conditional Access policy applied to him

And below, you will see that the login was blocked by Conditional Access

See in Action

To see the report in action, I will run a report for my user Tim and click on the first sign-in entry.

In the information panel I will see a new tab called Conditional Access and in it, the block event will show up.


Conditional Access information report is a great new reporting feature that helps with troubleshooting and monitoring of Conditional Access events.

About Conditional Access

Azure Active Directory Conditional Access is a key security and identity access tool that allows or blocks access to applications based on smart conditions like location, device platform, user group and many more.