How to Manage Microsoft Teams with PowerShell

After showing you the new Microsoft and Skype for Business online management console in Office 365, today I will show you how to manage Microsoft Teams with Powershell.

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new communication platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service part of Office 365 and will replace Skype for Business going forward.

To get started and install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module I will use the command below that will install the module and make it available to use.

Install-Module microsoftteams

I have to say that Microsoft made a great work making the installation process easy and there is no need to restart the console after installation.

To view all the available cmdlets will run the line below

Get-Command -Module microsoftteams

Below you can see all the available cmdlets in Teams

Cmdlet Add-TeamUser
Cmdlet Connect-MicrosoftTeams
Cmdlet Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams
Cmdlet Get-Team
Cmdlet Get-TeamChannel
Cmdlet Get-TeamFunSettings
Cmdlet Get-TeamGuestSettings
Cmdlet Get-TeamHelp
Cmdlet Get-TeamMemberSettings
Cmdlet Get-TeamMessagingSettings
Cmdlet Get-TeamUser
Cmdlet New-Team
Cmdlet New-TeamChannel
Cmdlet Remove-Team
Cmdlet Remove-TeamChannel
Cmdlet Remove-TeamUser
Cmdlet Set-Team
Cmdlet Set-TeamChannel
Cmdlet Set-TeamFunSettings
Cmdlet Set-TeamGuestSettings
Cmdlet Set-TeamMemberSettings
Cmdlet Set-TeamMessagingSettings
Cmdlet Set-TeamPicture
Connect to Microsoft Teams

To connect to Microsoft Teams, I will use the command below which will connect me to Microsoft Teams


Once connected, I can run any command and start administrating Microsoft Teams.