Set password never expire to all users Office 365

Changing a password in Office 365 can be a real pain for users especially for a small organisation with a mobile workforce.

In this article, I will show you how to set the password expiration policy on your Office 365 tenant to disable the need to change the password to all users or force users to change their password once every 730 days.

Currently, Office 365 default password policy is set to 90 days which is too soon for 80% of the organizations and causes disruption to BAU operation and high volume of support calls.


To configure this change and apply it to all users you will need to be an Office 365 global Admin in the tenant.

Change Policy

Recently, Microsoft made the process of changing the expiration policy and apply it to all users in the organization including cancelling the need to change password very easily.

To change the password expiration policy, click on Settings -> Security & Privacy

Click edit on next to the Password policy

And to set all users to never needing to change their password turn the Set user password to never expire On

Once done, the change will take effect within 5 – 10 minutes