Azure Managed Kubernetes (AKS) Service Released

Last week Microsoft announced the release of a new Container Service called Azure Managed Kuberentes.

The new service is called AKS and it looks like Kuberentes is becoming the standard product for containers management on perm and in the cloud.

AKS is a cloud-based service allowing organization and developers to create, manage and scale Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft Azure without needing to deploy infrastructure.


AKS comes with Microsoft Azure management control and allows:

  • Automated upgrades to new versions
  • Self-healing
  • Easy scaling
  • GUI interface for creating new clusters

The difference in AKS is that management doesn’t cost anything you only pay for virtual machines provisioned as hosts.

Not charging for management is a big change compares to other cloud providers who charge for it.

Get Started

AKS is available from the Azure Portal and from the Azure CLI 2.0 command line tool, below you can see the AKS Service screen in the portal and all the available options.

AKS is also available from the Azure CLI and blow you can see the command used to create a new AKS cluster.


Following the success of Kuberentes and the fact that it becomes the industry standard for Containers management, Microsoft is clearing the deck and start to focus on Kuberentes.

I won’t be surprised that in 12 months from new all-new management deployments will run on Kuberentes.

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