Convert A Managed Domain To A Federated Domain Office 365

In this blog post, I’ll show you how I convert an Office 365 Custom Domain to a Federated Domain.

Federated Domain Is a domain that Is enabled for a Single Sign-On and configured to use Microsoft Active Directory Federation (ADFS).

By default, any Domain that Is added to Office 365 is set as a Managed Domain by default and not Federated.

ADFS and Office 365

If we are using ADFS we must change the Domain type from Managed To Federated using the Office 365 PowerShell Module as you will see below.

The entire process takes around 5 minutes and you will need to wait around 10 minutes for Office 365 backend to process and replicate the change to all Server.

Change Domain To Federated Domain

To get started you will need the Office 365 module Installed and a Global Admin account that can connect to Office 365:

Next, I’ll Connect to Office 365

Once connected successfully, I’ll run the cmdlet below with the Domain I need to convert to a federated

Run the cmdlet below:

Convert-MsolDomainToFederated –DomainName


Changing an Office 365 Domain to a Federated Domain Is not a big change but is important to note and remember that it needs to be done.