How to Join Windows 10 1709 To Azure Active Directory

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to join a Windows 10 1709 machine to Azure Active Directory Domain hosted In the Cloud.

Azure Active Directory

It’s Microsoft Azure Hosted Directory and Identity Service hosted Insite Microsoft’s Data Centres around the world.

Azure AD Is similar to Windows Server Active Directory Infrastructure but In the cloud.

It also offers identity management capabilities like multi-factor authentication, device registration and self-service password management that would be hard to Implement and managed In self-hosted environment.

Get Started

In my case, I’ll join my Windows 10 1709 machine and to get started I’ll click on Start -> Settings

In the search box of Windows Settings, I’ll type Join

Next, I’ll click on Connect to work or school

Click on the plus sign

Next, I’ll enter my user UPN address

Click Next

I’ll type the password

Confirm the organization details


Check console

Once computers are joined to the domain, they can easily be managed from the Azure Active Directory console located In the Azure Portal under Users and Groups.

In my case, If I click on my user (Tim Hyper) -> Devices I’ll see the newly joined computer

From the device details, I can easily disable or delete the computer account from Azure AD

Once the Computer Is joined to Azure AD It will show the domain details from the Access work or school menu.

Login with Azure AD Account

Once joined, I can log In with my UPN (Email address and password) or any other Azure AD account that belongs to the same tenant to the computer