How to Enable Compression and Encryption On Exchange Server 2016 DAG

In this blog post, I’ll show you how I enable compression and encryption on Exchange Server 2016 DAG using Powershell.

By default, Exchange Server 2016 DAG network traffic Is not encrypted or compressed unless the replication goes between different subnets.

The befit of enabling compression and encryption Is that the performance Increases and also you get your data encrypted the same time.

Check current State

As you can see below, by default encrypted and compressed Is enabled only for different subnets and the value Is set to IntersubnetOnly.

get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup dag1 | select name,NetworkCompression, NetworkEncryption

Enable Compressed And Encrypted

Using the cmdlet below, I’ll enable the two features on my DAG.

As you can see below, I’m using the Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet with the switches for the two features.

Because I have two DAGs I’ll need to run the cmdlet for each DAG.

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup dag1 -NetworkCompression Enabled -NetworkEncryption Enabled


Enabling compression and encryption Is a quick win for extra security and performance across Exchange server 2016, also this change will not affect uptime because there Is no need to restart services or restart services.