How To Update Azure AD Connect Step By Step (March 2017 Update 1.1.443.0)

In this article, I’ll show you how I update my Azure AD Connect to the latest version which Is now in version 1.1.443.0.

Before I start, I would like to note that In my environment I have around 20K AD Objects and one AD Connect Server with SQL Server.

Get Started

Below, you will see my Azure AD Connect version before the update (August 2016).

Before I start, I’ll need to stop any running sync job or make sure there are no running sync jobs.

Download And Update

Next, Download the latest Azure AD Connect version from MS.

To complete, this makes sure you have the Azure AD Connect Admin Account or Sync account details.

The update process will keep all settings and configuration In place.

Once downloaded Start Setup and follow the prompt.

Click on Upgrade

To finish the update I’ll use my Azure AD Sync account details confirm all the settings

One provided, Azure AD will Finish the upgrade and will start a full sync

As you can see my Azure AD Connect Is on the latest version