How To Enable Computer Hibernation On Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Update

In this article, I’ll show you how to enable Windows 10 to Hibernate and add it to the Power menu option.

By default, Windows 10 Hibernation mode Is no enable and the option Is missing from the power menu.

The reason Hibernation Is not available Is because of two reasons, one Is the because It takes to the computer much longer to wake up from hibernation mode compare to sleep mode and as result my effect the overall experience of using Windows 10.

Second reason Is the fact that It takes disk space of the amount of used RAM Memory the computer needs to save to disk In order to hibernation.

To get started, Open Control Panel -> Power Options

Click on Choose what the power buttons do

Click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable

Tick the magic tick box to enable Hibernation

Next time you click on the Power button you will see Hibernate