How To Scan Windows Nano Server 2016 For Viruses And Malwares

In this 80+ article about Windows Nano Server 2016, I’ll show you how I scan my Nano Server for Viruses and Malware using the Windows Defender PowerShell Module.

So far since the release of Nano Server late last year Windows, Nano Server has turned out to be a major hit for Microsoft with a massive adoption by Engineers and Developers.

Today, you will see how powerful Is the Windows Defender role.

To get, Started, go head and Install the Nano Server package provider and Install the role using this article.

If you already have the package provider Installed simply activate the role using the cmdlet below and restart the server when.

Install-NanoServerPackage -name Microsoft-NanoServer-Defender-Package

Once Installed, I’ll connect to my Nano Server using

Enter-Pssession nano

Import the Defender Module using

Import-Module Defender

Then, I’ll update the Virus and Malware definitions using


To start a full scan I’ll use


To view detected threats I use the cmdlet


To view, Last update Information and status of the engine I use the cmdlet


To view settings and preferences us the