5 Things To Know About Window Server 2016

It has been almost two months since Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 and I just wanted to write about some of the main features that make Server 2016 a great OS.

  1. Nano Server – Windows Sever 2016 comes with a super light headless version called Windows Nano Sever 2016

2. Built-In Antivirus – Windows Server 2016 comes with a pre-Installed Any Virus protection

3. PowerShell 5.1– Windows Server 2016 runs PowerShell 5.1 by default

4. Server Core – Windows Server 2016 default Installation edition Is Server Core

5. Generation 2 Virtual Machines – You can now create Generation 2 Virtual Machines which allows Secure Boot, UEFI firmware support, Boot from SCSI SCSI Controller