How To Enable \ Disable Office 365 – Exchange Online Mailbox Clutter Feature Using PowerShell

In this article I’ll show you how I enable And Disable Exchange Online Mailbox Clutter Feature using PowerShell.

Before I start I’ll explain what Is Clutter? Clutter Is a smart mailbox feature that sort and filter low level priority messages and put them In a Folder called Clutter.

This allow users be more focus and productive.

Note: Mailbox Clutter Is only available on Office 365 Exchange Online and below you could see how a normal mailbox looks like before I enable Clutter.

To enable Clutter Connect to Exchange Online using PowerShell.

To view If clutter Is enabled on my Admin account I use the cmdlet below:

Get-Clutter -Identity admin

To enable It I use:

Set-Clutter -Identity admin -Enable $true

As you can see below, I now have a built In folder called Clutter

Once done

To disable I use:

Set-Clutter -Identity admin -Enable $false