Install, Update And Remove PowerShell Modules Using PowerShell Gallery

In this article show you how you can Install, Update and Remove Windows PowerShell Modules directly from PowerShell without using a Web browser.

This amazing feature Is possible thanks to PowerShell Gallery Which Is powered by Microsoft and Is acting a central repository PowerShell modules and scripts.

The requirements for using PowerShell Gallery are:

Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 machine.

To get start, Open PowerShell and type:

Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -Force

Find-module Azure*

To view Installed modules type:


To Install a Module type the cmdlet below, In this module I’ll use the Posh-SSH module which I have covered before In my Use SSH To Manage Linux VM From PowerShell popular post.

Install-Module posh-SSH

To update a specific module type:

Update-module -Name posh-SSH -Verbose

To update all Installed module type:


To remove a specific module type:

You can also Save modules without Installing them using the cmdlet below:

Save-Module Posh-SSH -Path c:\files

And below you can see the saved module

By default Installed Modules will be Installed In