Windows Server 2016 GUI Interface Explained

This KB will explain and show you how to remove the GUI Interface from Windows Server 2016.

By default windows server 2016 comes with 4 GUI options.

  • Desktop-experience – This the full Desktop with all GUI features available on Windows 10
  • Server-gui-mgmt-infra – Normal Server Interface with management tools and GUI
  • Server-gui-shell – Server Manager and Powershell support
  • Server Core – command line only with PowerShell support

This is how the Desktop Experience looks like

To remove it use Remove Desktop-experience

This is how the Server-gui-mgmt-infra looks like

To remove use Remove Server-gui-mgmt-infra

This is the Server-gui-shell If you uninstall the this GUI you will end up with server core

This is the Server Core

You can use sconfig or PowerShell