Question: How To Enable and Configure PowerShell Web Access On Windows Server 2012

This article will show you how to enable Powershell Web Access on Windows Server 2012.

PSWA allows you to manage or grant other admins permission to run PowerShell commands via a web based PowerShell console.

To Enable PSWA you need first to install .NET Framework 4.5 and the Powershell Web Access Feature


Once the feature is installed install the PSWA Web Application and use self-signed certificate

Install-PswaWebApplication –UseTestCertificate

Give permission to users to access the PSWA

Add-PswaAuthorizationRule -UserName test\administrator -ComputerName SRV4 -ConfigurationName adminsonly

Or this (only in test lab)

Add-PswaAuthorizationRule –UserName * -ComputerName * -ConfigurationName *

Go to https://servername/pswa

Type your username and password you allowed before

All done