Question: How To Enable SNMP On ESXi 4.1 Host for MRTG Monitoring

If you want to monitor your ESXi host via SNMP with monitoring tools like MRTG and Nagios you will to enable SNMP on your ESXi host.

To do so, you will need to do 2 things.

  1. Enable SSH on your ESXi host in order to enable SNMP
  2. Modify a file called snmp.xml with VI editor.

Step 1, Enable SSH from Configuration -> Security Profile

Step 2, Log in to your host using Putty or any other SSH Client

Edit the snmp.xml using VI which located at:


Fill in the details in your snmp.xml file like I did below (you can also copy paste):

<config><snmpSettings><enable>true</enable><communities>public</communities><targets> public</targets></snmpSettings></config>


True = Enable SNMP

Public = this is the snmp community public
=monitoring server” @ “snmp port” “snmp comunity”

Restart your host (this is a must).