How To Install IIS 8 On Windows Server 2012 Beta

Windows Server 8 beta has been release and it’s time to check what’s new,In this article I’ll show you how to install IIS on Windows Server 8 Beta.

Windows server 8 allows us to install roles and Features on remote servers without RDP to then or access them via the console.

This change is part of the new Server Manager which becomes a one stop shop to manage and monitor all your servers from one console.

To start the installation click on the Server Manager icon:

In server manager click on Manage in the right corner


Select Add Roles and Features

Click Next

Select Role Based

Select you server (Server01)

Select IIS

In Server 8 Beta the Features installation is in the same Wizard as the Roles so If you need to add a Feature this is the place

Click next to configure the IIS Role

Select Role Services

Click Install

All done

To access IIS manger go to Start and type IIS, You can also access it via the Server Manager menu.