Question: How To Upgrade Exchange Server 2010 SP1 To SP2

This article will show you how to upgrade Exchange Server 2010 SP1 to SP2

In order to complete the upgrade there are two main requirements:

First you need to install the IIS 6 WMI compatibility and upgrade the Active Directory scheme.


The server \ role upgrade order needs to go like this:

CAS Servers

HUB Servers

UM Server (If you have)

Mailbox Servers

First install the IIS 6 WMI compatibility using Server Manager


Next you need to update the Active Directory Scheme, To do this open CMD and go to the Exchange Server 2010 SP2 installation folder (unzip the file first after you download it).

Type the following command:

Setup /ps


Wait 20 minutes for full Active Directory replication.

Now we will install the SP2, To do so start with the CAS Server and start the installation file (setup.exe)

Follow the Wizard and If all prerequisites are installed you will pass the Readiness Checks and all you have to do is Click on Upgrade.

The installation will take some time, Once finished its good to restart the server and upgrade the next server.

Remember that If you are using a DAG, Move the databases to another server before doing the upgrade.




Once completed you can check the version, Exchange 2010 SP2 is Version 14.2 (Build 247.5)