Question:How To Install Rollup 2 For Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Step By Step

Answer: On 14th December Microsoft Exchange team released a Rollup update to Exchange Server 2010 SP1 with the following details regarding the main updates:

  • Passive DAG Copy Doesn’t Replay Logs if “Don’t mount this database at startup” is Checked
  • Cannot connect using Outlook Anywhere as the same user from multiple XP Clients
  • Implement OpenFlags.AlternateServer for PublicLogon


    You can read more about the update here:

In this guide I’ll show you how to deploy Rollup 2 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1:

Download the update from here: and save it (Rename it with a meaningful name for future reference)  

Start the Installation.

Wait for the storage calculation.

Click Next to start the Installation.

Accept the terms

Click Next

This part can take a while (in testing it took 30 minutes to finish the update)

All done (there is no need for a restart after the update).