Error Message When Moving Mailbox In Exchange Server 2010: Active Directory operation failed on SERVER This error is not retriable

In Exchange Server 2010 you get this error message when you try to move a mailbox from one mailbox database to another or from one server to another.

 “Active Directory operation failed on SERVERNAME. This error is not retriable. Additional information: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation…..The user has insufficient access rights.”

The reason you get this error message is because the account you are trying to move has the Inheritable permission settings set to disable.

The fix is simple, All we have to do is tick the box that enable the object to Inheritable permission

To fix the error message follow the steps below:

Open the user account properties in Active Directory go to Security Tab and click on the advanced button in the lower window

In the advanced window Tick the Inheritable permission
from this object’s parent

After you tick the box click Apply and OK