Question:How To View A User Mailbox Size In Exchange Server 2010

Answer: To view a user mailbox size in Exchange Server 2010 we can use either the EMC or Exchange Shell.

To view a user mailbox size using the GUI follow the steps below:

Open Exchange EMC -> Recipient Configuration -> Mailbox ->

Double click on the user name.

In the General tab you can see the User’s mailbox information including Size, number of items, mailbox database and more.

To view a user mailbox size using PowerShell follow the steps below:

The cmdlet below lists all the available options to view a user, database or server statistics.

If you just need to view a user mailbox size use this cmdlet:

Get-mailboxstatistics –identity ‘test1’

Get-mailboxstatistics –server srv2010mbx

Get-mailboxstatistics –database ‘db02’

Get-mailboxstatistics –identity ‘test1’

To get specific fields about the storage you can run this cmdlt.

Get-mailboxstatistics –database ‘corporate users’ |ft displayname, itemcount, storagelimitstatus -autosize

Update : Due to the popularity of this Post I decided to make a video on how to do it: