Find If a User Exists in Azure AD Using PowerShell

In this blog post, we will be discussing Azure Active Directory and Azure AD PowerShell. Azure AD is a service provided by Microsoft Azure. It allows you to create a directory of users on the cloud that can connect from any device or location. We will go over how you can use PowerShell to find… Continue reading Find If a User Exists in Azure AD Using PowerShell

Add Tags to Azure Resources with Terraform

In Terraform Infrastructure as Code, Azure tags are a way to add metadata to the resources in Azure. Terraform configuration is an excellent opportunity for us to create tags and assign them to our resources. This blog post will discuss how we can do this using Terraform Configuration language with Terraform CLI commands.

Reset SSH Key On Azure Linux VM

One of the ways of authenticating with a remote system is to use SSH keys. This tool was created to authenticate with a remote server without having to type in a password, but also allow for two-factor authentication and not sending the password in the clear over the network.

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