Installingenable Anti-Spam in Exchange 2007

To install the new Anti Spam filtering software on Exchange 2007 please please follow the following.

Open Exchange PowerShell from the start menu.
Navigate to “Programs FilesMicrosoftExchange serverScripts folder
Type the following command:

restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service

Open the Exchange Management Console, and on the Organization configuration list, select Hub Transport. The “Anti-Spam” tab has been added to the Hub Transport properties.

Publish an FTP Server using ISA 2004

In ISA server console create a new server publishing rule from the firewall policy screen.

Use the following steps to create the rule.

In the Firewall Policy Screen go to:

  1. Tasks
  2. Click on the Create New Server Publishing Rule
  3. In the Wizard type the Rule Name and click next
  4. Type the Server IP address and click next
  5. In the select protocol select FTP Server and Click next
  6. Select the network IP addresses that will listen for requests for the Server (External) and click Next
  7. Click Finish and Apply changes.
  8. right-click the rule, and select Configure FTP. Clear the Read Only checkbox, click OK, and then click Apply.

How To Change RDP Port number

To change the Remote Desktop port numbers follow the steps below:

To change the Remote Desktop port numbers follow the steps below:

1. Start Registry Editor (start ->Run -> regedit).

2. Locate the registry subkey:


3. On the Edit menu, click Modify, and then click Decimal.

4. Type the new port number.

5. Close the Registry Editor.


To connect to the remote computer using the new port.

Open the RDP client and type:

Log Off users from a remote server

Problem: When trying to log on to a terminal server you receive the following message:

“Terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections”


To fix this issue there is a need to log of the remote users from the server.
From a different windows server 2003 go to:
Start -> Programs ->Administrative Tools -> Terminal Service Manager -> File -> Connect -> -> right click on the user in the right hand pane -> Click Disconnect

How to Prevent User Validation on a Specific Domain Controller

To prevent users from login to a specific domain controller follow the instruction below:

To prevent users from login to a specific domain controller follow the instruction below:

In the domain controller that you need to prevent users from login in to or validate their user name and password push or disable the Net Logon.

To do so:
Go to Control panel -> Administrative Tools -> services and locate the Net Logon service, right click and click push.

For more info see

Scripting and automating backup jobs using NTbackup

This KB will show you how to automate the Microsoft build in Backup software NTbackup using a script.


Script 1:
This script use an existing pre configured job to backup to a tape drive:

ntbackup backup [systemstate]”@C:path to jobjobname.bks” /g /p “LTO ultrium”


/ p – “Tape drive name”
/G – Override tape

Script 2:
Backup specific folders to tap drive:

ntbackup backup systemstate “E:folder” “F:folder” /p “LTO ultrium” /d “Complete Backup” /um /hc:on


/hc – Uses hardware compression
/um -Use the first available media
/p – tape drive name


Microsoft NTbackup on the web

Lock Desktops using group policy

To automatically lock users desktops using the password protected screen saver:

To lock desktops
Open the group policy editor and create or edit and existing Group Policy.

In the Group Policy editor go to:

User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Display
Enable – Password protect the screen sever
Enable – Screen saver timeout
Number of seconds to wait to enable the Screen Saver, (1500 Seconds = 25 minutes)