Uninstall the Cluster Service on a Windows Server 2003 Cluster

In order to remove a node from a cluster and reset the clustering service in windows 2003 server we need to run a command which will reset the cluster service to its original state.

To reset the cluster service at the command prompt, type cluster node nodename /forcecleanup, and then press ENTER.

If you run the command from the node you just need to type cluster node /forcecleanup

If it doesn’t work try stoping the cluster service and run the command again.

After the command is donerestart the server and if needed you can create a new cluster.

How To Backup Windows Server 2008 System State

To start with, Windows Server 2008 is no longer using ntbackup as its backup tool and the old command prompt ntbackup will not launch the back up software as it used to in the previous versions of Windows Server and Client O/S.

In windows 2008 Microsoft introduced a new backup tool called Windows Server Backup which is much advanced backup tool than ntbackup.

To backup the system state using the new backup tool we need to type a command from the command tool.

Please note that all other backup jobs can be done using the GUI except the system state backup.

The system state backup command is:

wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:e:

Limitation: we can’t save the system state backup on the C: drive, however I managed to save the backup to my USB drive.