Category: Exchange Server 2007

  • How to block A Sander In Exchange Server 2007

    To block a sander in Exchange server 2007 never been easier, all you have to do is add the the sander to the Exchange Server 2007 Anti Span built in function. To do that: Log In to the Exchange Management Console, click Edge Transport. Click on the Anti-spam tab, and double click on Sender Filtering. […]

  • Hide multiple users from Exchange Address Lists Options

    In order to hide several users from the Exchange address lists without having to open the properties of each user we can use Microsoft tool called ADModify which can be found here: Follow the tool instruction to change the users settings. This tool Works with Exchange 2007 and 2003

  • View Exchange 2007 Users Mailbox Size

    In order to view all users mailboxes size in Exchange 2007 in one list like Exchange 2003 Server we need to use the Exchange Managment Shell. View all the users mailbox size: 1. Go to Exchange Managment Shell amd type: get-mailboxstatistics | fl displayname,totalitemsize  To view other mailboxes information type: get-mailboxstatistics 

  • Installingenable Anti-Spam in Exchange 2007

    To install the new Anti Spam filtering software on Exchange 2007 please please follow the following. Open Exchange PowerShell from the start menu. Navigate to “Programs FilesMicrosoftExchange serverScripts folder Type the following command: ./install-AntispamAgents.ps1 restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service Open the Exchange Management Console, and on the Organization configuration list, select Hub Transport. The […]