Create Azure Alert For Security Key Listing

This Azure AI blog post will show how to create an Azure Monitor alert that triggers every time a security key is listed.

Azure AI services allow us to create AI services like ChatGPT and more on the Azure platform. These services are accessible using a service endpoint and a security key.

If the security key is compromised, unauthorized actors can access your Azure AI services and sensitive information.

Azure Monitor can help us keep track and inform us when security keys are being listed in the Azure AI service console.

Create an Alert

To create an Azure Monitor alert, Open your Azure AI Service.

Click on Alerts (located under the Monitoring section)

Click on Create Alert

From the Signal name drop-down box, click on See all signals

From the Select a signal search box, type

list keys

Select List Keys (Cognitive Services API account)

When keys are listed, Azure Monitor will generate an alert. You can also create an email alert using management groups/

Note: To trigger the alert, run the following PowerShell command.

az cognitiveservices account keys list --name <AI Service Name> --resource-group <Resource Group Name>

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