Microsoft Entra Device Registration Types

This Microsoft Entra blog post will discuss the device registration types available to organisations.

When it comes to managing device registration and access, Entra offers several registration types that enable organisations of any size to manage devices. Organisations must decide how to manage and register their devices as part of a device management strategy.

Registration Types

Microsoft Entra offers the following device registration types.

RegistrationType and purpose
Entra registered devicesGood for small businesses and BYOD without account sign-in (Entra ID)
Entra joined devicesThe equivalent of domain-joined machines in Active Directory. Entra sign-in, no BYOD.
Hybrid Entra joined devicesCombination of Active Directory domain joined and Entra ID joined devices.
Entra device registration

In most cases, unless there is a good reason, like a legacy application or group policy dependency, it is recommended to deploy Entra joined devices as it allows organisations to use the following:

  • Company ownership
  • Intune management
  • SSO sign-in with Entra ID
  • Windows Hello

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