Configure Edge New Tab to Microsft 365 Users

In this Microsoft Edge for Business blog post, we will show how to customise the appearance of the startup page and a new tab using Microsoft 365 global settings.

With the release of Microsoft Edge for Business, organisations can customise the look and feel of the startup page and what kind of content a new tab will show.

Microsoft Feed

Edge for Business allows us to configure the new tab to show content relevant to work only and focus on content and activities from services like SharePoint, To-Do, Events, and more.

The Microsoft Feed option removes external content like news and more that we showed in our previous post how to disable on non-managed Edge environments.


To customise the new tab look and feel to show only Microsoft 365 content, Open the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Click on Settings -> Org Setting

Click on News

Click on the Microsoft Edge new tab page and set the following settings.

Tick – Show Microsoft 365 content on the Microsoft Edge new tab page

Tick – Users default work or feed

The machine must be Entra ID Joined and running Edge version 116 and above for the configuration to work.

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