Show Microsoft Intune Autopilot Installation Status

This article will show how to enable Microsoft Intune Autopilot installation status to users when Autopilot is reset or set up on a new machine.

Microsoft Autopilot allows organisations to streamline the deployments of new machines using a zero-touch configuration from the user side. It offers a seamless user experience and uses Intune configuration profiles to apply settings to new devices.

Show Progress

By default, when Microsoft Intune runs, it doesn’t show the installation progress and at which stage autopilot is doing as part of the deployment.

With installation progress enabled, the user can see the progress and how long it will take until the computer is ready.

To enable the feature, Open the Intune console.

Click on Windows enrollment.

Click on the Enrollment Status Page

Click on the Default policy

At a minimum, we only need to enable the first option, Show app and profile configuration progress

When Autopilot runs on a machine, it appears on the screen below.

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