Disable Google Chrome Password Manager With Microsoft Intune

This blog post will show you how to disable Google Chrome Password Manager using Microsoft Intune Configuration Profile.

Google Chrome Password Manager is a great tool that can help users manage their passwords by saving and auto-populating them.

Having Password Manager enabled can allow 3rd party applications to access the browser’s stored password without opening the Chrome browser or identifying as the user logged on to the computer.

The above is a security risk, and security benchmarks like CIS and STIG recommend disabling Password Manager.

Disable Password Manager

To Disable, Password Manager, Create a Configuration Profile for Windows.

Use a Settings Catalog policy and search for Password Manager or locate it using Google.

From the Settings picker, Click on Password Manager

From the subcategory page, select

Enable saving passwords to the password manager

Set the settings to Disabled, as shown below.

Assign the policy to computers and test.

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