Update Microsoft Edge Using Intune

This blog post will show how to use Microsoft Intune to configure the Microsoft Edge browser update policy.

Microsoft Edge browser offers organisation control over almost any available configuration item the browser has. Microsoft Intune configuration profiles allow us to tap into all the available configuration items and manage Edge.

Configure Updates

To configure the Microsoft Edge update policy, Open the Microsoft Intune console.

Click on

Devices -> Windows -> Configuration profiles -> Windows 10 -> Templates -> Administrative Templates 

From the Configuration Settings, select Microsoft Edge Update

The Update section offers access to many features that control Edge’s updates.

The important ones are:

Auto-update checks period override (Preferences) sets a minimum number of minutes between checks.

The following important item is

Update policy override default (Applications). This is where we configure how and when updates are being installed.

Besides these main items, I recommend you review and configure the available configuration items as needed.

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