Set Wallpaper on Windows Machines with Microsoft Intune

This blog post will show you how to set a wallpaper on Windows machines using Microsoft Intune.

To make the look and feel of managed machines the same, Microsoft Intune allows us to customize the wallpaper and apply a consistent background on all computers.

Configuration Profile

Using a Microsoft Intune configuration profile, we can set the wallpaper before you need to host the wallpaper on an internet storage account like Azure Storage blob or Amazon S3. The file needs to be accessible from anywhere.

To get started, Create a configuration profile with the following settings.

Platform -> Windows 10 or later

Profile type -> Templates

Template Name -> Device Restriction

In the configuration section, add the path to the wallpaper under:

Locked screen Experience -> Locked screen picture URL

Under Personalization -> Desktop background picture URL, add the URL of the wallpaper.

Assign the policy to the computer and wait for the configuration to apply.

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