Sync Desktop and Documents to OneDrive Using Intune

This blog post will show you how to sync users’ Documents, Desktop and known folders to Microsoft OneDrive using  Intune.

Microsoft Intune is a remote management system for Windows machines, iOS and Android devices. In enterprises, Intune is used as a replacement for traditional Active Directory joined machines that are managed and controlled by Group Policy and SCCM.

To manage OneDrive, we are going to use Intune configuration profile and Administrative Templates

Sync known Folders With Intune

To sync known folders (Desktop, Document, photos) with Intune, open the Intune management console.

Click on Devices

Click Windows

Click on Configuration profiles

Click add

Select Windows 10

Select Administrative Templates

From the Administrative Templates page, search for OneDrive

Click on Silently move Windows known folder to OneDrive (2.0)

From the policy page, click Enable

Select Yes from the dropdown menu for

Show notification to users after folders have been redirected

The next setting we need to enable is the option to prompt users to move known folders to OneDrive.

From the search results, look for the option Prompt users to move Windows known folders to OneDrive


Once the policy applies to users, They will see the option in the OneDrive folder application. This option will show up for existing users. New users will get their known folders to move automatically to OneDrive.

After clicking Backup these folders, the users will see the screen below where they can select what to move to OneDrive.

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