Check Azure AD Device Registration Type With PowerShell

In this blog post, we will discuss how to check the device registration type in Azure AD using PowerShell.

Device registration in Azure AD is the process of adding a device to Azure AD and granting it access to resources in the organization. Azure AD supports different types of device registration, such as Azure AD registered devices, hybrid Azure AD joined devices, and Azure AD joined devices.

Install and Connect

Before we start, make sure you install the MSOnline PowerShell module (only supported on Windows with PowerShell 5.1) and connect to Azure.

Install-Module MSOnline

List All Devices

To check the type status of all the registered devices in Azure Active Directory, run the following command.

Get-MsolDevice -All -IncludeSystemManagedDevice | select displayname, DeviceTrustType

The output below will show the status of all the devices registered in the tenant.

DisplayName DeviceTrustType
----------- ---------------
MPC04   Domain Joined
MPC01   Workplace Joined
MPC03   Workplace Joined

List All Azure Hybrid AD Joined Devices

To view Azure Hybrid AD Joined devices, only run the following command.

(Get-MsolDevice -All -IncludeSystemManagedDevices | where {($_.DeviceTrustType -eq 'Domain Joined')})

In conclusion, checking the device registration type in Azure AD is essential for managing and securing devices in your organization. With PowerShell, you can quickly retrieve information about the device registration type and manage your devices efficiently.

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