Connect to Azure MySQL Server from Workbanch

This blog post will show you how to connect to a MySQL Server with SSL enabled hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Azure MySQL

Microsoft Azure database as a service allows us to run a full version of a MySQL server inside Azure and benefit from a reliable infrastructure and built-in security features.

We can also use all the available management tools to manage MySQL while the server is hosted in Azure.

In our case, we have deployed a MySQL Server with SSL enabled, so we need to first download the built-in SSL certificate to connect.

Note Server Details

From the overview page of the MySQL server, note down the server URL and username.

Whitelist IP

To connect to the database we first need to whitelist the IP address we are will connect from to the MySQL server.

Click on Networking

In the Connected method, select Public access…

In the Firewall rule name section, add the public IP

After whitelisting the IP, click on Download SSL Certificate

Now that we have the SSL certificate and server DNS name, open Workbench and fill in the details.

Click on the SSL tab and add the path to the downloaded SSL certificate.

Save the configuration and connect to the database.

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